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Enhanced Client Billing

Designed specifically for 3PL operations where clients, contracts, and warehouse activities can change in an instant. ECB deploys conveniently on the cloud for seamless integration with any warehouse management system (WMS), enabling direct data extraction from the WMS for accurate, automated, up-to-date invoice processing. ECB “knows” the correct contract rules, billing rates, task charges, and incidentals associated with each warehouse activity for each customer, reflecting those charges correctly on the final bill. Additionally, ECB supports multiple languages and currencies.


Client Billing

ECB validates billing information, including existing rates, expired rates, missing rates, missing events, and other details without human intervention, flagging exceptions for approval before dispatching the bill directly to the client and helping to stop revenue leakage. 

Are you manually entering data with errors and/or billing omissions?

Want to reduce
processing costs and errors by automating manual tasks and repurposing valuable staff?

Looking to capture all tasks performed in your warehouse automatically transferring details to specific client invoices?

Do you need a verified audit trail of billing charges to reduce potential credit settlements?


Streamlined Processes

Streamline billing across multiple WMS platforms via ECB’s system-agnostic, cloud architecture.

Cost Savings

Reduce processing costs, along with errors, by automating manual tasks and repurposing valuable staff.

Detailed client analytics

Assess client-level profitability using accurate, cost-to-serve metrics and analytics.

Automated Tracking

Automatically track and approve transactions, down to the pallet level, based on data in your WMS cloud.


Number of implementation projects performed by the experts of Open Sky Group.


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Take your client analytics and billing to the next level.

Reimagine how you currently manage and bill your clients. Contact Open Sky Group and redefine your client billing process.


Create New Efficiencies, Real-Time Visibility, and Make Customer Self-Service a Point of Differentiation.

3PL Client Portal

Give your clients unprecedented visibility into your warehouse management solution without purchasing additional licenses with 3PL Client Portal from Open Sky Group. Through an assigned client ID and client groups, clients log in and enter information on inbound orders and inventory expectancy, outbound orders, and new items. This capability improves the flow of new items at receiving, reduces your client call volume requesting basic visibility information, and eliminates manual reports and spreadsheets. Redefine client collaboration in your warehouse.

Client Portal

Redefine client collaboration with remarkable visibility and interaction in your warehouse management solution that improves your warehouse efficiency like never before. Client IDs and Client groups safeguard your warehouse information and reduce manual day-to-day tasks.

Wondering if there is a way to reduce the number of client calls about
basic inquiries?

Curious how you can improve the flow of new items at receiving?

Want to eliminate manual reports and spreadsheets from your day-to-day tasks?

Need to provide operational information to a client without an ERP?

Open Sky Group
3PL Client Portal

Inventory Visibility

Drill down into inventory details: lot numbers, serial numbers, expiration dates, inventory status.

Eliminate Manual Efforts

Broad access into WMS data without requiring never-ending customer requests for reports and extracts.


Communicate with your clients in their native language with a multi-lingual system. 

Data Entry Options

Create basic Purchase Order, Sales Order, and basic Item information for customers that may not have host -> WMS integration capabilities.


Number of implementation projects performed by the experts of Open Sky Group.


Average years of supply chain operations experience held by Open Sky Group consultants.


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Achieve out-of-this-world client collaboration with 3PL Client Portal from Open Sky Group.

Client visibility that improves warehouse efficiency. Contact Open Sky Group to maximize the availability of data and empower you to make informed decisions.

  “This is the foundation of our modernized infrastructure and will make it possible for us to onboard new technology, automation systems, and additional facilities…After researching leading supply chain software providers, Dotcom chose Blue Yonder for its strong labor management and logistics solutions. Open Sky Group was selected to implement and help manage the project because of its impressive rapid implementation methodology and successful track record…”

— Dotcom Distribution, Maria Haggerty, CEO

“With the highest levels of customer service at the core of our company culture, we knew it was time to deploy the leading warehouse and labor management solution to support our distribution network.  It was clear; Open Sky Group features a team of experts to deploy the JDA software and provides the right fit to work with Benco Dental.”


Bill Renfer - Director of Distribution Operations

Benco Dental

“Our supply chain goals include upgrading older systems and standardizing processes across three facilities. Open Sky Group has a top-notch team and a reputation for helping companies standardize processes with its methodology of disciplined agility and no modifications approach to WMS implementations.”

Scott Heldreth, VP, Supply Chain


“Professional, customer-focused, able to react to changing needs and priorities quickly and run with integrity.”

Matson Logistics

WMS Application Manager

“Open Sky Group has been a leader within the broader partner ecosystem. They constantly strive to
help their clients fulfill more intelligently, grow revenue and profits and deliver superior customer

Steve Simmerman

Blue Yonder, Senior Director, Partner Success

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