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Supply Chain Insights

Predict, Anticipate, and Pivot with Ease


Visualize Your Data for Impactful Decisions

Harnessing the power of data, Supply Chain Insights, a lens within the Kaleidoscope platform, equips you with data aggregation and dashboards to empower data-driven decision-making. Your team no longer needs to sift through spreadsheets for hours and can save time by accessing this single source of truth.

Rapid Adaptation to Change

Supply Chain Insights delivers capabilities and data acumen that help you predict, anticipate, and, most importantly, swiftly pivot plans according to your unique and evolving business needs. Similar to querying multiple tables at once. Supply Chain Insights recognizes problems quickly via a single source of truth, without spending hours trying to pinpoint where anomalies occurred.

By accessing and querying multiple data tables at once, Supply Chain Insights delivers an expansive dataset for impactful decision-making.

On-Demand Tracking

Supply Chain Chat can tell you what activity was completed, who completed the activity and when the activity occurred. Using this information, you can pinpoint any anomalies that arose within the period you specify. Blind spots are a thing of the past when Kaleidoscope combines artificial intelligence with machine learning.


  • Pre-Built Dashboards

    A full view of inbound and outbound performance such as cycle times, vendor scorecards, and more

  • Cost-to-Serve

    Understand your true cost-to-serve by site, client ID, SKU, and 3PL contract

  • Guardrails to Protect Efficiency

    Deter excessive handling, idle operators, unbilled activities, under-utilized equipment and misaligned dock capacities

  • Real-Time Insights

    Data is constantly and consistently updated – never make a decision blindly

So, are you talking
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Or … are you wasting time by sifting through spreadsheets and data sets to figure out where your revenue leakage is occurring?

Are you ready to predict, anticipate, and pivot with ease?

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