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Stop Revenue Leakage Automatically with Enhanced Client Billing



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Open Sky Group, global specialists in the Blue Yonder supply chain platform, offer a wide range of services to help businesses optimize their operations. Today’s solution in focus is Open Sky Group’s Enhanced Client Billing, which helps businesses improve their client billing processes and increase their revenue. In this use case, we dive a bit deeper to discover more about this innovative, real-time billing solution, and how it can reveal revenue opportunities and operating efficiencies.



In today’s fast-moving 3PL operating environment, the epitome of having egg on your face is when you must go back to a client and assert a billing charge that was overlooked in your original invoice.

Things like:


“We forgot to include the kitting charge.”

“Our pallet wrapping fee is higher than what your last bill indicated.”

“We charged you for custom labels, but not at the correct quantity.”

Now you must decide. Do you eat the costs, or go in with egg on your face and fight the good fight?


With multiple contracts, variable billing rules, and the myriad value-added tasks you perform daily for clients, errors are inevitable. Not to mention those errors that pass unnoticed. It adds up to revenue loss. And, who has the margin to spare given today’s razor-thin supply chain economy?


Truth is, throwing more bodies at the process is not going to fix anything. The smarter way to ensure correct billing consistently is to automate your process using Enhanced Client Billing (ECB) from Open Sky Group.


ECB was designed specifically for 3PL operations where clients, contracts, and warehouse activities can change in a blink. The application deploys conveniently on the cloud for seamless integration with Blue Yonder’s warehouse management (WMS), enabling direct data extraction from the WMS for accurate, automated, up-to-date bill processing.


The program instantly “knows” the correct contract rules, billing rates, task charges, and incidentals associated with any customer’s order and reflects those charges correctly on the final bill. ECB supports English and Spanish users and multi-currencies; definable accounting periods are factored in.


Billing events are automatically configured and stored within ECB, with relevant transactions matched to actual tasks performed. The software validates billing information, including existing rates, expired rates, missing rates, missing events, and other details without human intervention, flagging exceptions for approval before dispatching the bill directly to the client.


Transactions may be approved individually, in bulk, or automatically. Invoices can be re-processed on-demand without engaging IT or WMS team members. And all invoice data can be integrated seamlessly into an ERP for enhanced visibility into the billing process.


Imagine the problems you could solve by transforming your client billing process from manual processing to efficient, accurate, automated processing. With ECB from Open Sky Group, you could:

  • Manage contract and billing rules across multiple clients with ease.
  • Capture all tasks performed in the warehouse on your WMS, per client billing model, and automatically transfer the details to specific client invoices.
  • Automatically track and approve transactions, inbound or outbound, down to the pallet level, based on data stored in your WMS cloud.
  • Raise revenue by never missing a billable task on an invoice, finding billable tasks that should be paid for, and adding new billing rates accordingly.
  • Reduce processing costs, along with errors, by automating manual tasks and repurposing valuable staff.
  • Assess client-level profitability using accurate, cost-to-serve metrics and analytics.
  • Streamline billing across multiple WMS platforms via ECB’s system-agnostic, cloud architecture.
  • Minimize potential credit settlements with ECB’s verified audit trail.

With a single, standardized billing system tracking charges automatically across your operating network, you can put an end to revenue leakage and start gaining a more accurate picture of your true cost-to-serve.



Open Sky Group’s Enhanced Client Billing solution can help improve your billing processes and achieve significant cost savings by automating the billing process, improving billing accuracy, and providing real-time visibility into your client’s transactions. By implementing Enhanced Client Billing, clients can streamline their billing process, reduce errors, and improve customer satisfaction. Open Sky Group’s expertise and experience in supply chain and warehouse management consulting can help you achieve your goals and improve your bottom line.


Stop Revenue Leakage Automatically with Enhanced Client Billing

In today’s fast-moving 3PL operating environment, the epitome of having egg on your face is when you must go back to a client and assert a billing charge that was overlooked in your original invoice.


With over 1.1 million square feet of warehouse operations operating 24x7 with roughly 70 users, the client was experiencing end of life system issues for its WMS and was ready to make a number of supply chain software improvements throughout facilities.

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