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Supply chain software upgrades can be difficult. Especially if you have a highly customized system. Many companies avoid upgrading – even when the signs are all there. If you haven’t been upgrading your WMS and Labor software regularly, there are a few things that indicate it could be time. Are you working around your software? Do your maintenance fees seem to be going up? Is your system down or slow to respond? All indications it may be time for an upgrade.



If you have Blue Yonder warehouse or labor management solutions and think it’s time for an upgrade, Open Sky Group can help. We are the largest Blue Yonder WMS reseller and implementation partner in North America- the perfect partner for your upgrade.

Upgrades ensure operations run efficiently, avoiding methods that work around your current software configuration.

If your server is getting
old, prone to issues, or vulnerable, an upgrade can help.

Avoid rising maintenance fees and be more sufficient with an upgrade vs. your current system.

Speed up response times with an upgrade especially if you're experiencing hardware challenges in your current software.


Improved Connectivity

Upgrades to your software can improve connectivity by linking systems, automating key functions, and boosting responsiveness

Increased Efficiency

Upgrades can reduce time spent on daily tasks, freeing up resources to focus on meaningful work.

Continuous Support

As systems age, you may find limited support options and availability, upgrades can help avoid this.

Reporting and Planning

Upgrades in reporting can help improve overall business functionality by increasing accuracy and reliability.


Number of implementation projects performed by the experts of Open Sky Group.


Open Sky Groups’ consultants’ average years of experience with supply chain operations.





Ready to level up? OSG has you covered.

Let Open Sky Group help you examine your current software, complete an upgrade assessment, develop a timeline, and get your system upgraded.

  “This is the foundation of our modernized infrastructure and will make it possible for us to onboard new technology, automation systems, and additional facilities…After researching leading supply chain software providers, Dotcom chose Blue Yonder for its strong labor management and logistics solutions. Open Sky Group was selected to implement and help manage the project because of its impressive rapid implementation methodology and successful track record…”

— Dotcom Distribution, Maria Haggerty, CEO

“With the highest levels of customer service at the core of our company culture, we knew it was time to deploy the leading warehouse and labor management solution to support our distribution network.  It was clear; Open Sky Group features a team of experts to deploy the JDA software and provides the right fit to work with Benco Dental.”


Bill Renfer - Director of Distribution Operations

Benco Dental

“Our supply chain goals include upgrading older systems and standardizing processes across three facilities. Open Sky Group has a top-notch team and a reputation for helping companies standardize processes with its methodology of disciplined agility and no modifications approach to WMS implementations.”

Scott Heldreth, VP, Supply Chain


“Professional, customer-focused, able to react to changing needs and priorities quickly and run with integrity.”

Matson Logistics

WMS Application Manager

“Open Sky Group has been a leader within the broader partner ecosystem. They constantly strive to
help their clients fulfill more intelligently, grow revenue and profits and deliver superior customer

Steve Simmerman

Blue Yonder, Senior Director, Partner Success

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