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Körber Supply Chain provides adaptable and scalable warehouse management solutions for the supply chain industry. Open Sky Group is proud to be the reseller for Körber’s Warehouse Advantage. The platforms within Körber provide the customizability to address any unique warehouse situation.  

For customers who have spent thousands of hours trying to boost operational efficiency, Körber can be leveraged to extract the remaining overhead and implement systemic checks for otherwise physical activities. Körber boasts practicality for use but also streamlines the adoption of the platform within your operations.  

  • Körber’s user interface is simple to understand. If you have seen Excel/Google Sheets, then the visuals would be similar
  • Familiarity provides not only practicality for use but also streamlines the acceptance of the product within the customer’s user base
  • Screens can be tailored for not only specific use but also for personal use, as well as extended to accommodate customer requests
  • Körber platform easily accommodates customer requests



Our Strength is an adaptable approach to a broad and deep solution portfolio. From a warehouse management perspective, there really isn’t a scenario that Körber can’t address.

Craig Moore, Vice President of Sales, Körber

WHY Körber

Using Körber’s WMS, we take your current business process and optimize for a more efficient system logic. 

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