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Open Sky Group is an expert supply chain technology company. We have a cooperative and flexible working environment with excellent growth opportunities. We believe in giving employees the right tools to do the job and take that commitment very seriously. We offer competitive salaries and benefits including Health, Dental, Vision, Life & Disability Insurance. We also offer incentive compensation, a retirement savings plan and match, and a mentor program.

Open Sky Group's values illustrate characteristics we want every employee to embody in life.

We are looking for like-minded individuals who can contribute great ideas to our organization. We believe passionately in the power of human connection, knowing that we are strongest when we bring a breadth of perspectives and experiences to our work.

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Eager to help others, attention to detail, consistency, protecting the brand, willing to take ownership of issues.


Little to no management required, intuitively prioritizes, holds self-accountable.


Innovative, problem-solving, adaptable, and flexible as to how problems are solved.


A genuine passion for life, fun to work with, has an interesting life outside of work.


A positive attitude and enthusiasm, doing what it takes and inspiring others to do the same.


Not afraid to ask questions respectfully, frankness, and the ability to hold others accountable.


An expert today or could be in five years, never stops learning, attention to detail, and consistency.

Open Positions

Current Opportunities

Open Sky Group is looking to add to our Supply Chain Software and Consulting practices. Applicants should have legal status to work in the United States. Work-from-home opportunities are available for persons with the right work experience and abilities.

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