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Enhanced Client Billing

Skyrocket Your Supply Chain Operations


Boost Your Invoicing Efficiency and Accuracy

Enhanced Client Billing is a lens within the Kaleidoscope platform. The purpose-built tool was tailormade to bolster efficient financial management through streamlined invoice processing that eliminates manual errors. The outcome? Accurate, automated, and always up-to-date billing.

Client-Specific Rate Management Paired with Seamless Invoice Generation

Enhanced Client Billing revolutionizes billing processes through a streamlined configuration process of client-specific information, warehouse details, calendar management, and predefined invoice cycles. Furthermore, Enhanced Client Billing adeptly handles individual contractual rates and integrates warehouse activities to automatically associate specified rates with each activity; therefore, ensuring invoices accurately reflect the terms of the client’s contract. 

The platform offers comprehensive transaction monitoring to track a wide range of parameters. The extensive scope covers transaction numbers to approval status to client details, and everything in between.

Enhanced Client Billing paves the way for automated and accurate invoice generation, improved revenue streams, and increased customer satisfaction

On-Demand Tracking

Supply Chain Chat can tell you what activity was completed, who completed the activity and when the activity occurred. Using this information, you can pinpoint any anomalies that arose within the period you specify. Blind spots are a thing of the past when Kaleidoscope combines artificial intelligence with machine learning.


  • Real-Time Activity Tracking

    Seamlessly align client rates with warehouse activities to ensure precise invoicing that accurately reflects contract terms.

  • Guardrail Opportunities

    Prevent revenue leakage, guarantee precision, and boost customer satisfaction by harmoniously integrating with your WMS or other event-based systems.

  • Automated Invoice Generation and Disbursement

    Robust transaction monitoring of a wide range of parameters, ensures precision from start to finish, simplifying approvals, and streamlining invoicing.

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