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Top 100 Great Supply Chain Partner

For the eleventh time, Open Sky Group has been named to the Top 100 Great Supply Chain Partners listing, which is customer nominated and based on qualities such as global reach, value, expertise, reliability and more.

Generative AI: Cheat Code to a More Competitive Supply Chain Business?

The supply chain is ripe for generative AI. Are you? Open Sky Group’s Pedro Quiterio, Senior Supply Chain Consultant, discusses the importance in understanding how generative AI represents a new era of staff augmentation. This article was recently published via Logistics Viewpoints.

All WMS Providers are the Same

Finding the right WMS provider is key to the success of your implementation. In part two of this series, we dispel some common myths because all providers are not created equal.

Myths of Buying a WMS

Buying a warehouse management system (WMS) is a big decision. In this article, we dispel a few myths that are rife in the buying process.