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Labor Management


  • What is an LMS?
    • An LMS is a Labor Management System. It is a software tool that enables warehouse and distribution center operators to monitor and manage their labor productivity in real-time.
  • How can an LMS help improve warehouse efficiency?
    • An LMS can help improve warehouse efficiency by enabling operators to monitor labor productivity in real-time and identify areas for improvement in their warehouse processes.








Our Client

Having completed more than 100+ warehouse and labor management system implementations within the last two years, Open Sky Group has come to observe that the success of these projects is more about the people than it is about the software. How you build a team and what those team members do to prepare the rest of the organization for “life after go-live” is crucial to maintain efficient operations within your warehouse or distribution center.  In this article, we review one of our recent LMS implementations for a major e-commerce client.



The e-commerce client in question was experiencing significant growth in their business and needed to increase their warehouse efficiency to handle increased demand. They recognized that their existing warehouse processes were inefficient, resulting in higher numbers of error alongside increasing costs. They needed a solution that would enable them to improve their inventory accuracy, reduce labor costs, and improve their overall warehouse efficiency.



Open Sky Group proposed a Labor Management System (LMS) implementation to help the e-commerce client achieve their goals. The LMS solution included real-time labor tracking, task management, and performance reporting. It enabled the client to monitor labor productivity and identify areas for improvement in their warehouse processes.  Open Sky Group worked closely with the client’s team to tailor the LMS solution to their specific needs.



Open Sky Group implemented the LMS solution in phases to minimize disruption to the client’s operations. The first phase involved the installation of the LMS software and the training of the warehouse staff. The LMS software included real-time labor tracking capabilities, which enabled the client to monitor labor productivity in real-time. The training was designed to ensure that the warehouse staff understood how to use the LMS software and how to interpret the data it provided.

The implementation of an LMS solution resulted in significant improvements in the e-commerce client’s warehouse operations. The real-time labor tracking capabilities of the LMS software enabled the client to monitor labor productivity in real-time, which resulted in an improvement in labor productivity. The implementation of the SOPs also resulted in a reduction of inventory errors and reductions in labor costs. The client was extremely satisfied with the results of the LMS implementation, and the ongoing support provided by the team at Open Sky Group.


The Open Sky Group Labor Management System (LMS) implementation was a success for the e-commerce client, resulting in significant improvements in their warehouse operations. The real-time labor tracking capabilities of the LMS software enabled the client to monitor labor productivity in real-time, resulting in improved efficiency and reduced labor costs. The implementation of SOPs based on the data gathered from the LMS software resulted in improved inventory accuracy and reduced errors. Implementing an LMS solution is an effective tool for improving warehouse operations, tailoring the software to the specific needs of any client.


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