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Open Sky Group – Redefining Supply Chain Operations

Learn the approaches Open Sky Group takes to ensure that our customers receive the best service to redefine their supply chain operations and achieve new levels of success.
Kaleidoscope Announcement

Kaleidoscope Announcement with SupplyChainBrain

Open Sky Group announces Kaleidoscope, their new execution performance analytics platform designed for the supply chain, with SupplyChainBrain.
Optimizing Next-Gen Warehouses

Creating Leaders to Optimize the Next-Gen Warehouse

Learn how optimizing next-gen warehouses with homegrown leaders benefits supply chain operations from Open Sky Group experts. These experts were handpicked due to their own personal experiences starting their supply chain careers on the warehouse floor.
Creating the next-gen workforce

Crate & Barrel, Encore Wire & Clemens Food Group Creating Leaders to Optimize the Next-Gen Warehouse

Learn from industry experts from Crate & Barrel, Encore Wire, and Clemens Food Group on how to create your Next-Generation Warehouse utilizing employees already on your payroll.
Kaleidoscope Announcement

OSG Announces Kaleidoscope

Open Sky Group announces our Kaleidoscope Suite of supply chain management tools for 3PLs. Kaleidoscope combines Open Sky Group’s Enhanced Client Billing and self-service 3PL Client Portal both offering real-time visibility, access, and workflow efficiency for a more responsive supply chain operation.
WMS Implementation Guide

WMS Implementation: How to Reduce Risk Without Missing Your Timeline

WMS veterans guide listeners through the Warehouse Management System implementation process with a focus on the shift to WMS SaaS and cloud hosting. Listeners will learn how to reduce risk, while sticking to their original timeline, and ultimately, accelerate their return on investment (ROI).
WMS and Labor System Implementation

Critical Elements of WMS and Labor Implementations – Modex 2020 Seminar

Join Open Sky Group experts to learn the critical elements of a WMS and Labor system implementation.
WMS and Labor System Implementation

Let’s Talk Supply Chain and Open Sky Group – Change Management

A change management process is key to any supply chain implementation project. Learn how to prepare for any resistance with Open Sky Group expert, Jeremy Hudson.
WMS and Labor System Implementation

Let’s Talk Supply Chain and Open Sky Group – Knowing Your Software Partner

Your relationship with a supply chain software partner is a fundamental piece of your software implementation project. Learn what to look for and what questions to ask to make sure you select the right one for your operations.