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Open Sky Group is a leading provider of supply chain and warehouse automation solutions. The company specializes in designing and implementing innovative solutions that optimize warehouse and inventory management processes. They provide a range of solutions, including labor management, warehouse management, transportation management, and automation.

Working together with supply chain partners, Open Sky Group’s implementation of robotics and automation solutions help organizations automate their manual warehouse processes.  The applications are virtually limitless including automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS), conveyor systems, robotic picking systems, and automated guided vehicles (AGVs).  Open Sky Group’s team of experts work with their clients to design custom solutions that meet their specific needs.

As businesses grow and become more complex, it is evident there is an increasing need for automation and robotic solutions to streamline operations.  As an integrator of supply chain solutions, Open Sky Group is intimately familiar with the inner workings of warehouse and distribution centers and can help provide clients with solutions to these challenges. Leveraging an extensive partner network, the powerful and intelligent solutions Open Sky Group can implement create endless opportunities to advance your warehouse.  In this case study, we examine how Open Sky Group has helped clients implement these complex solutions to help elevate their operations.


In this article, we focus on how Open Sky Group has advanced leading distributors of automotive parts with multiple warehouses across the United States. Throughout this industry, clients are continually facing several challenges with manual warehouse operations, including low productivity, high labor costs, and inaccurate inventory counts.  Today’s highlighted client looked to Open Sky Group for a solution that could help them streamline their operations and increase overall efficiency.


Open Sky Group provided solutions to the challenge and implemented warehouse automation. Conducting a thorough analysis of the companies existing processes, the team at Open Sky Group identified areas where automation could be implemented to improve efficiency.

Open Sky Group designed a custom automation solution that included ASRS, conveyor systems, and robotic picking systems. The ASRS systems were used to store and retrieve inventory, while the conveyor systems were used to transport products between different areas of the warehouse. The robotic picking systems were used to pick and pack orders, reducing the need for manual labor.


After the implementation of the automation solution, the client saw a significant improvement in their warehouse operations. They experienced an increase in productivity and a notable reduction in labor costs. The accuracy of their inventory counts also improved, reducing the risk of stockouts and overstocks.

Joining forces with their partners, Open Sky Group’s implementation of robotics and automation solutions have transformed the way organizations manage their warehouse and inventory processes. By automating manual processes, organizations can increase efficiency, reduce labor costs, and improve inventory accuracy. Open Sky Group’s solutions provide next generation tech, ongoing support, and customer service to each of its clients.


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