What is Blue Yonder Luminate Warehouse Tasking?

Blue Yonder Luminate Warehouse Tasking is a SaaS-native application built on Microsoft® Azure® that enhances your existing Warehouse Management System by intelligently optimizing tasks in near real-time. The Warehouse Tasking solution is part of the Blue Yonder Luminate™ Logistics family, extending and enhancing Blue Yonder’s product portfolio. No matter how complex your supply chain, this powerful SaaS-based solution helps you optimize your warehouse operation and deliver more value.

How can it help your business?

In a fast-moving marketplace, maintaining the highest level of efficiency and the lowest cost of operations is an ongoing challenge. Mounting service levels mean nonstop changes in staffing levels, inventory positioning, equipment and travel distances. Blue Yonder Luminate Warehouse Tasking pulls information from many sources and uses that intelligence to prioritize/re-prioritize tasks in your warehouse.

Luminate Warehouse Tasking has a broader understanding of the relationships between work tasks that need to be performed in order to get product out the door. It’s based on a more holistic understanding of task processing requirements and process interdependence. Here’s an example of how the task orchestration works in Luminate Warehouse Tasking when prioritizing based on load dispatch time:

  1. 1. Evaluates load dispatch times
  2. 2. Looks at the tasks and the time required to complete those tasks
  3. 3. Determines the total work and time required to meet the cut-off
  4. 4. Evaluates adjacent loads to be dispatched
  5. 5. Evaluates the tasks required to meet that cut-off time and prioritizes order processing


  • Achieve maximum efficiency – analyzing your warehouse environment and identifying ideal conditions for maximum efficiency with amplified productivity tools
  • Optimize your warehouse by reducing the time workers spend in transit
  • Reduce travel time between tasks based on due times and locations with dynamic task prioritization
  • Position your business for a more agile warehouse and autonomous supply chain with a cognitive and connected platform
  • Ensure you can always run the latest version with current features and capabilities using SaaS-based delivery


  • Optimize your supply chain with labor planning, modeling and simulation capabilities
  • Prioritize tasks based on travel times, due times and real-time resource locations
  • Accelerate warehouse productivity with advanced analytical capabilities and dashboard views
  • Stay in control with continuous, near real-time task optimization
  • Deliver on time with smart appointment scheduling, dock scheduling and yard management capabilities
  • Consolidate your total cost of ownership with faster time-to-value

Open Sky Group is a global specialist in the Blue Yonder platform and an accredited implementation partner and reseller of Blue Yonder Warehouse, Labor, Workforce and Transportation Management and now Blue Yonder Luminate Warehouse Tasking.  We have been named Blue Yonder Top Channel Partner, North America four times since 2016.

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