Our labor management software experience shows us that confidence is the most impactful factor in a successful implementation.  Users must be assured that the calculations are accurate and that the measurements are correct when implementing labor management software that monitors productivity.

  1. Make sure your system gets that end-user support by choosing something reliable and proven. Blue Yonder Labor Management solutions (formerly JDA RedPrairie) is widely respected in the supply chain industry and considered one of the most detailed and accurate labor management systems for measuring productivity.
  2. Dispel myths and misconceptions about productivity management.

Here are the first three myths to dispel:

Productivity Management is about working faster

Productivity management is a tool that above all else is used to ensure consistency. It depends on processes being performed in a consistent and sequential order. Everything works correctly when moving from step one to step two to step three…and if something unexpected occurs between step one and step two, productivity scores and measurements will most likely be impacted negatively. Blue Yonder LMS allows you to easily identify when tasks may detour from the expected sequence and then make the necessary corrections.

Labor Management is just a score

Blue Yonder LMS can do so much more than provide a score when it comes to managing your labor. This includes measuring things like quality, planning, balancing, indirect, travel, order profile, observations and so on. Companies like Open Sky Group can help you make sure you’re getting more than just a productivity score from Blue Yonder LMS.

Productivity Management negatively effects morale

This one is easy. The system allows you to move beyond seeing forklifts and assembly lines. You’ll now understand who is most impactful to your success and be able to give immediate, real-time feedback. Many companies use Blue Yonder LMS or other labor management software to implement an incentive program. This is by far the best way to answer the question, “How am I doing?”

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