Beep, Beep, Scan, Scan. There’s a certain happiness that’s difficult for some to understand. Our spouses, family members and friends may never completely comprehend the joy we feel when our WMS go-lives are successful, but supply chain nerds like me live for software (WMS or Labor) go-lives. Make no mistake, there’s a lot of ground work that goes in to every implementation. Months of preparation, defining requirements, building a solution, possibly advanced configurations and plenty of testing and training that all builds to one fantastic moment; flipping the switch to go-live in a production environment.

Never a Dull Moment in a Go-Live

Regardless of previous experiences, I’m always learning something new with each project. There’s always a new feature, or different use case that keeps me on my toes. No matter how much I love building and testing a system, there’s just something special about seeing my system work in ‘real life.’ The first time a trailer is checked in, or the first pallet label is scanned or that first beautiful packing list or bill of lading spitting out of the printer, there’s a special feeling. Even though half the shipping office looks at me as if I’ve lost my mind, there are very few things I enjoy more in my professional life than software go-lives.

As much as I love a great proof of concept or user acceptance testing in a comfy conference room, nothing beats an RF end user smiling and saying “That was easy!” Somehow those words amidst the beeping of horns, flashing lights and humming of lifts brings a project full circle. The successful implementation of a tier one warehouse management system is truly felt when end users validate that in your endless and exhaustive testing leading up to those moments, you managed to consider all the variables that help produce a system that fits their needs.

There’s no place like a war room in a Go-Live

I’m at home during these go-lives whether it’s on the floor in my fluorescent vest and steel toes working with users, or a war room scattered with junk food and empty coffee cups. There is no doubt that some of you may read this ode to WMS go-lives and be concerned for my health, however something tells me there are a few of you that sympathize with my love for seeing a software work as expected for the first time. At Open Sky Group, we live for successful Labor and WMS go-lives. We are fully invested in seeing our customers’ projects go as smoothly as possible. We have the experience to support and react to the challenges along the way. In fact, we look forward to them.

Whether you’re considering upgrading, expanding, or revolutionizing your supply chain, contact Open Sky Group today and allow us to be your partner in a successful Labor or WMS go-live.