, Blue Yonder, and Open Sky Group teaming up to achieve a customer-first vision, one of Australia’s leading online retailers, has selected Blue Yonder’s cloud-based warehouse management system (WMS) and labor management solution to support its high-volume e-commerce business. One of Blue Yonder’s largest WMS implementation partners,  Open Sky Group, will design, configure and deploy both solutions. has been serving Australia since 2006 through a single fulfillment centre based in Victoria, due to surging Australian e-commerce demand, a new fulfillment centre is scheduled to open in Sydney in Q1 2022. The new fulfillment centre is part of its long-term customer-first strategy and will enable Catch to serve customers more quickly and efficiently – customers will get the products they need when they need them, right across Australia.

Due to this booming e-commerce demand, the company’s existing WMS is no longer able to meet its shifting business requirements. was looking for a long-term strategic supply chain provider to bring together all parts of its warehouse operations to meet the dynamic, high-growth e-commerce market.

By working with Open Sky Group to implement Blue Yonder technology, will be able to:

  • Improve customer service through increased efficiency and agility in its warehouse operations.
  • Deliver stability and scalability via the solutions to support future growth.
  • Reduce cost to serve, enabling lower prices and faster delivery for customers.
  • Increase employee performance and engagement.

“With such a strong WMS implementation record, we are uniquely suited to help deploy their Blue Yonder solutions in a way that helps them meet their customer-first strategy and do so in a more condensed timeline than a traditional implementation,” said Ian Drummond, CEO of Open Sky Group Pty Ltd. “With our deep team culture, we have already demonstrated our ability to work very collaboratively as one with, Blue Yonder and contractors.”

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