Open Sky Group helps clients get the most from their software investment by providing workable and stable solutions to supply chain software challenges. Open Sky Group’s consultants use their deep experience and skills to make sure clients get the best possible results, whether an engagement begins before, during or after a software implementation.

Open Sky Group is best known for its deep expertise with Blue Yonder WMS, a Tier 1 software system. Although each project has unique aspects, typical engagements include new Software Implementations, Upgrades, Replenishment and Slotting Optimizations, Material Handling and ERP Integration and Parcel Systems.

Australian Locations

Locations across Australia

Open Sky Group Pty Ltd. is headquartered in Melbourne. As a global company, our policy is to hire the best and brightest no matter where they live. We have a number of people located in Sydney and Melbourne and throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Locations across the U.S.

Open Sky Group U.S. is headquartered near Raleigh, NC. We have a number of people based in key cities and throughout the U.S.

US Locations

600+ Projects

Over 700 Supply Chain Projects completed

We’ve done a few projects over the years, more than 700 to-date. So it’s safe to say we’ve got experience behind the work we do for clients. From implementations and upgrades to enhancements and consulting, we make each client a promise that we stand behind the work we do. Here’s to the next 600+!

Agile Project Methodology

With the kind of experience to be found at Open Sky Group, it stands to reason that we also have a top-notch methodology to get projects done efficiently and successfully. We use a project methodology of disciplined agility based in Agile SCRUM principles. We constantly re-visit our approach to find ways to be even faster and more efficient.

Agile Methodology